Our Saratoga Springs PrintShop Reflection

January 24, 2019

It has been quite the whirlwind of exciting new endeavors and the welcoming of 20 out-of-towners coming into to our small city to enjoy the 2019 PrintShop! We’ve had photographers fly in from as far as Arizona and Kentucky and drive in from right down the road! We were so excited to hear each of their stories and learn about their businesses.

The first day of our two-day workshop included:

• Power Planning & Goal Setting: 2019 Business Plan
• Pricing & Collections
• Workflow & Sales Systems

At the end of it all, we included a high energy workout to keep everyone’s’ minds invigorated. We’re working on making The PrintShop experience better each year as we will continue to work both individually and in groups with these fellow printographers. We were grateful for the feedback we received.

“I think day one for me was filled with the most breakthroughs and the live consult and engagement session was amazing!!! That alone was so informational and inspiring. I also loved that there was a focus on the financial aspect as I feel like this is something that gets lost in education and the spreadsheet has been so incredibly helpful!”

Rohana, Minnesota Printographer

With that, we brought in a real live local couple to walk through a consult and sales session with. We’re so grateful because they were so willing and excited to take part in the fun.

On day two, we had our attendees break up into smaller groups for our breakout sessions. These breakout sessions included a headshot swap, 1:1 mentoring chats, a marketing and branding discussion as well as demos for Fundy and a breakdown of our collections.


Through it all, we were so glad to share in the experience of explaining the value of putting printed products into our clients’ hands. With this, we’re hoping to shift the industry into prioritizing this as a value when servicing our clients.

“I loved the live consult (fact building questions, magazine details, how the couple responded) and the design session. I took five pages of notes during that section! We have been doing reveal parties for a few years now, so I’m suddenly seeing a lot of areas that need adjusting. Also really enjoyed the mentorship (with both Makayla and Dave).”

– Tiffany, AZ Printographer

We’re so excited for what our 2020 PrintShop will bring!


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