Does This Sound Familiar?

(I feel you my friend)

You're ready to double (or triple) your income

You're ready to work with fewer, more ideal clients (and still make BANK)

You love the rewarding feeling of seeing your images in print

You're tired of giving up all of your nights and weekends to your clients 

You want to offer your clients a better client experience

You're ready for unlimited profit potential

You love what you do but you want to make more doing it (like, hundreds of thousands more)

Day One

What to sell - the BEST products to offer your clients based on your style of photography

Day Two

Pricing! Figuring out what to charge and how to stay profitable

Day Three

The best sample products that will leave your clients craving for upgrades

Day Four

Everything you need to know/ do before the sale to set yourself up for success  

Day Five

 What to say, how to introduce products to past, current, and future clients without sounding sales-y

Day Six

Turning objections into opportunities, how to handle difficult questions without losing your cool so you and your clients both leave happy!

I'm ready for the challenge!

What is a Printographer?

Printographers are a new breed of photographers, shifting the focus from shoot & share to providing an elevated, personalized experience by delivering meaningful printed heirlooms to our clients.  

Our duty is to guide our clients to see the value in print, bringing more joy into their lives and future generations with memories otherwise forgotten. 

We are creating an impact that will far outlast us.  

Printographers are MORE than just “gallery givers.” 
We refuse to let memories fade on flash drives or float away with the cloud.

We are visual artists that take pride in running businesses that are committed to preserving memories that can be seen, touched and felt every day as our clients relive them on their walls, in their hands, and in their heart.  

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