This one’s for you if...

(and only if)…

✓ you're ready to work with fewer, DREAMIER clients (and still make BANK!)

✓ you're ready to put in the work to completely overhaul your current business model for a better life

✓ you love the rewarding feeling of seeing your images in print & know your clients deserve that too

✓ you believe in change, continuous improvement,
and growth

✓ you know your clients deserve MORE, and you were put on this earth to provide that to them

Skip the sales flops!

Hey! I'm Makayla Jade.

It took me a few [too many] years to figure out this whole "in person sales" thing. When I first got word of the potential, the money from print sales sounded pretty freakin' fabulous but I wasn't okay with coming off as super sales-y, pushy, or sleazy...  

SO, I set out to find a way to develop a sales system that allowed me to provide a more meaningful product to my clients, in a way that was profitable for my business AND allowed me to have flexibility in my schedule and spend time with my family. 

Now? I work with a very few select clients, people that VALUE a full service, are willing to invest in quality photography, an unforgettable experience, gorgeous wall art and heirloom albums. 

No more late nights in Lightroom for $0 in gallery print sales. No more "do I get the rights?" No more kissing every summer Saturday goodbye... for clients that don't care.  

NOW... I'm making SIX TIMES what I was making as a shoot & burn photographer, I get to take my kids to a new country every year... and summers are spent the way they should be, on the beach.  

// Makayla Jade, founder of Printographers' Society & The Harris Co


six figure summers on the beach

Take a look at what's inside...

you can't resist!

Sales Demo Video & Order Session Checklist

See the exact steps on how to run a successful sale with our sales demo video (no additional software required)  

Pricing Calculator &
Collections Menu Template 

Price yourself for profitability and present an irresistible offer to your clients using our concise, easy to read Collections Menu.  

Printographers' T-Shirt

Finally! A way to display your badge of honor and showcase the meaningful impact a print-driven business has on the lives of your clients. 

*BONUS* 15 Minute 1:1 Mindset Mastery Call 

Stop letting your fear of selling stand in your way of creating true success. Let’s hop on a call and work through some of the business crushing mental roadblocks and strategize on how to make this year your BEST YET.  

Conversations that Close

We will walk you through a number of common circumstances that will make or break the sale and show you how to communicate the value of your offerings to close the sale.  

The Takeaway...

✓ Start selling products to every client you serve, EVEN the clients that already have digitals (& multiply your revenue)

✓ Build a product menu that leads clients to buy more

✓ Price your products for mega profit

✓ Overcome awkward questions and objections from clients that "just want the digitals"

✓ Develop a system that educates clients on the value of print

✓ Avoid common sales-killing mistakes

let's do this thing!

✓ Sales Demo Video & Order Session Checklist - $397


1038 value



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I’m ready to make more money!

✓ Pricing Calculator & Collections Menu Template - $167

✓ Conversations that Close - $97

✓ Printographers' T-Shirt- $27

✓ 15 Minute 1:1 Mindset Mastery Call - $350