The Manifesto

Printographers are a new breed of photographers, shifting the focus from shoot & share to providing an elevated, personalized experience by delivering meaningful printed heirlooms to our clients.  

Our duty is to guide our clients to see the value in print, bringing more joy into their lives and future generations with memories otherwise forgotten. 

We are creating an impact that will far outlast us.  

Printographers are MORE than just “gallery givers." 
We refuse to let memories fade on flash drives or float away in the cloud.

We are visual artists that take pride in running businesses that are committed to preserving memories that can be seen, touched and felt every day as our clients relive them on their walls, in their hands, and in their heart.  


We help creative entrepreneurs scale their businesses so they can focus on doing what they’re passionate about and spending more time with the ones they love. 

When we first started our business we were taking anything that came our way, we were losing money on the projects we shot, feeling underappreciated, not getting paid what we were worth, and were quickly losing passion for our craft.  

We quickly realized that was not sustainable, especially with a new family. 

We wanted to build a profitable business we were proud of, and also be present with our family.

Over the past few years, we’ve reinvented our business, focusing on resonating with clients we connect with so we can shoot the projects we are passionate about and still have time to spend with our family and travel the world.  

Photos by Jonathan Cooley

We are community & resource center for photographers committed to providing a more meaningful experience through prints and albums, while growing their businesses beyond their wildest dreams.

Fun Fact:

Workplace Confession:

The last photograph I have of my grandma is my son and my grandma’s hand - there's 92 years between those hands and when I look at the print on my wall (its hanging in all my siblings homes as well) i can feel how her skin felt, the way the palm of her hand was so incredibly soft all the time, and the vein-y tops of her hands which we were always fascinated with. That's why print matters. That's why what we do matters.

You can find me on zoom wearing some kind of cardigan - I am a firm believer that EVERYONE feels better in their favorite sweater!

I am a constant calendar checker but can’t bring myself to put alllll the things on one single electronic calendar. I’d rather obsess over multiple paper and digital calendars (it really makes no sense...maybe one day I'll change!)

Meet Francesca

Meet Lauren

Meet Francesca

Fun Fact:

Workplace Confession:

From the time that I was born, my family has always loved to take photos of every milestone, memory, & adventure. We would print out the photo we took and put it into albums. I can now look back on those special moments and reminisce on my childhood. We continue to carry on this tradition by purchasing printed albums for our special events in our life. I love having prints that I can cherish and save to show my future family some day. 

I love to travel and go on adventures with family and friends. I'm a planner who's very organized. Always ready for adventures and fun, you tell me when and where and I will be there. 

I truly believe that everyone needs their beauty sleep. Working from home is a little dangerous...I tend to hop out of bed 30 min before the clock hits 9. Maybe one day I will be an early riser!

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By absorbing knowledge in every way we can, constantly finding new sources of inspiration, and putting what we learn to test, we feel it’s only fair to share our experiences with others who are striving for the same things as us. 

As a result, we’ve had the pleasure and distinction to give back the knowledge we’ve learned, lived and embraced by sharing the resources we’ve developed along the way with others. We are so thankful for the energy we’ve received as a result of this movement and hope we will continue inspiring others.



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