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Be a part of a solid support system with an in-depth approach to how to create a print-driven business, so you can start working less and living more.

To selling & serving with 
DOUBLE the income


If you're ready to show your clients the value of print, prepare them for investing in heirlooms, and guide them through the sales process in a way that’s rewarding for them and profitable for your business, you're in the right place.

When I first started out, I thought "What a perfect career!" I could stay home with my kids, do something I loved and get paid for it?  


...and in the past 10+ years my rockstar husband and I have built a photography + cinema studio totaling nearly half a million in print sales (and still selling!) while keeping our business and our clients close to heart, capping out at about 20-25 weddings per year. We’ve been featured in Rangefinder, Click, and Professional Photographer Magazine as well as on various speaking platforms across the nation. As a member of the Miller's speaker team, and backed by other awesome companies like Fundy & 17Hats, we love sharing business tips with other creatives so you can build the empire you deserve.  

I STARTED SELLING PRINTS OUT OF OUR SMALL STUDIO APARTMENT and our paycheck to paycheck lifestyle turned into $20k clients, $65k months and a multi-six-figure per year business. Now we have more time to spend with our kids, travel around the world, and only work with the types of clients we love most. 

A shoot & share business is NOT sustainable, I learned that the hard way. 

I'm Makayla Jade.


let's do this thing!

You absolutely HATE selling and want to develop a streamlined workflow that helps condition your clients & lands sales FOR you.  

You've heard of photographers making 5K-20K PER CLIENT and you desperately want that for yourself. 

You desire a business model that leads to lucrative client accounts, but you don't know were to find those clients.

You're ready to get down to biz-naas and actually do the work, because big bucks in that bank account don't come from sitting on yo' bootaay.

You're tired of spending hours shooting & editing and not making what you're worth. 

You want to build an in-person sales experience for your clients but you have no clue how (or no where) to get started. 

You get overwhelmed by the amount of work it will be to make the switch.

You want to reach clients that see value in a more meaningful end product (and are willing to pay for it!)

You try to tell prospective clients about the value of print.... but no one's booking?

Skip past the years of learning. This sales support system is designed just for you if...

Who is this program for?

Yes. You will lose clients. 
But with a little guidance and support you will notice a shift. 
A shift in YOU, your business, the clients you are beginning to attract, and their buying behaviors. Your network will grow and you’ll actually GAIN clients, but not just any client, your IDEAL clients. 

I will lose all of my clients.

myth #4

People will make room in their budget for things they value. People invest in things they find are important to them. And they SAVE for things that are really important to them but may not be easily accessible. 

My clients can't afford prints.

myth #3

If you actually believe in what you’re offering, it won't be a sale, it will be a gift. When you learn the effectiveness of listening to what the clients really want, you can help guide them to make the best choices. 

In person sales are too cheesy.

myth #2

With conditioned workflows, and strong studio systems, I was able to show my clients the true value of print, take the pressure out of selling and still MULTIPLY my revenue. 

Too many S&B photographers

myth #1

With conditioned workflows, and strong studio systems, I was able to show my clients the true value of print, take the pressure out of selling and still MULTIPLY my revenue. 

Are you afraid of selling? I was too.

Let's do this thing!

The sales support system that will guide you through the transition from shoot & share to successful sales without the sleeze.  

Legacy Sales


step #1

Laying The Groundwork

· Goal Setting & Business Planning
· Develop a Mission & Vision
· The Importance of Storytelling in Sales
· Finding your Why

step #2

Tools and Resources

· What to Sell, developing a core menu
· Partnering with a professional lab
· IPS Toolkit, Software for Success
· Customization Options & Upsells

step #3

Pricing for Profit

· Understanding the true Cost of Sale
· Lucrative a la carte items
· Pricing for Digital Solutions
· How to Build-out Best Selling Collections
· Pricing Psychology 

step #4

Workflows That Work

· Psychology of sales from first interaction
· Setting studio policies
· Client conditioning tactics
· Questionnaires that guide to buy
· Shooting to sell
· Preparing for the perfect sale

step #5

Overcoming Objections

· Finding your ideal client
· Teaching the importance of print
· Testimonials that sell
· Referral programs for higher revenue
· Digital solutions to set your studio apart
· Online gallery integration
· Transitioning digital clients 

step #6

Successful Sales Session

· Studio Flow- the order session schedule
· Prepping your space, layout & functionality
· In-home/ on-location (& what to bring!)
· Getting comfortable with what to say
· Closing the sale
· Divine deliveries & the post-sale sale

Sound's perfect! I'm in!

- David Perlman

Makayla does an incredible job of breaking down the whole process from start to finish. I didn't need any prior knowledge on how to sell albums and prints to my clients; she broke it down into very manageable and clear steps that made total sense. The course did a great job also of helping me work through any mental blocks along the way. My clients are happy...they feel taken care of, and I'm able to provide them with high quality albums and prints that they can enjoy forever.

I typically sell an additional $2K - $3K in prints after every wedding, sometimes more. I was shocked when this course paid for itself in my very first sale!

I have completely transformed My Business

let's do this thing!

If I can do it, YOU can too. 

 185,000 raise?



Yes! Give me all the extras!

✓ Our entire wedding + portrait flows from initial inquiry to client satisfaction form 
✓ Complete series of email templates 
✓ Client questionnaires 
✓ Pricing Calculator (excel spreadsheet with lab cost imported)
✓ Collection Builder (excel spreadsheet with COS inputs)
✓ Pretty Pricing Template (so your pricing can look as good as your images in seconds)

Join now and you'll receive these *limited time only bonuses*


✓ Complete six series video training course; $1497 value
✓ 6 Weeks of virtual group coaching
✓ Simple to do lists for each module to help you implement & accelerate (actionability?! #priceless)
✓ Sales toolkit complete with how-to videos for learning new software, $399 value
✓ Pricing calculator: excel spreadsheet with lab cost imported, $127
✓ Collection builder: excel spreadsheet with cos inputs, $127 value
✓ Pretty pricing template (so your pricing can look as good as your images in seconds); $167 value
✓ Exclusive access to our legacy sales insiders group (tribe of kick-ass go getters?! Uh, you cant even take out a loan for that amount of value)
✓ Our studio workflow from initial inquiry to client satisfaction form ($597 value)
✓ Complete series of email templates ($247 value)
✓ Client questionnaires ($299 value)

Finally. Print sales made simple. 

The Step-by -Step transformation to a [MULTI] six figure business model with actionable money-makers, accountability, and support.

for a price you could make back in one sale



one time payment

I’m ready to make money!

Exclusive Insiders that enroll in the class now will have full access to all updates (at no additional charge!) Pricing will increase throughout the year, so take advantage of our limited time pricing now!

Will I have instant results?
NO, this will not happen over night. This is a complete business transformation. You’re not just learning a new lighting technique or purchasing the trendiest presets of the season. Transitioning your business model (or building one from scratch) takes a LOT of work to make it work. This course will provide you with the resources you need to be successful and the support you need when things don't go as perfectly as planned. BUT (big disclaimer!!) this will not work if you don't take the time to actually adopt and implement these techniques into your business. Do the work, and it will certainly pay off. 

What about my current clients? 
You don’t have to wait until next years brides start booking you, or for that next portrait inquiry comes in to start implementing this system. Once we get your systems set up in the first few weeks, we will provide you with a variety of ways to start the conversation with current clients, (and potentially make a big sale!) even if they were originally just a “digital” client.   

What makes this course different?
Unlike other subscription based services, this is an intensive, dive-in deep, action taking, implementing, accountability checking class where no one gets left behind!! We will help you keep on track with the transformation so you can start actually making some real changes to your business (you know, the kind that will impact your LIFE!) 

Will you offer updates?  
Exclusive Insiders that were previously enrolled in the class will have full access to all updates (at no additional charge!) For those who wait for the next launch, the pricing will most likely increase.   

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