Stand out in an oversaturated, under-priced market & start winning the clients of your dreams!

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You're ready to stand out and become the leader in your area.

You're ready to work with fewer, DREAMIER clients that pay MORE

You're ready to completely overhaul your current business model for a new life

You love the rewarding feeling of working with clients that VALUE what you do

You ready to start making what you're worth and spending weekends the way you want to!

Stand out and get booked!

It took me a few [too many] long wedding days to realize I was undervalued, overworked, and underpaid. I was missing out on weekends with my family for clients that didn't care. I knew I needed a BIG change. 

SO, I set out to find a way to start attracting and booking better clients- couples that valued my time, had an appreciation for my work, respected my expertise, and were willing to pay me a lot more for my weekends.   

No more 12 hour days without sitting. No more cold sandwiches in basement cafeterias. No more kissing every summer Saturday goodbye... for clients that don't care.  

NOW... I'm making TEN TIMES what I was making just a few years ago, I get to take my kids to a new country every year... and my weekends away are limited and spent with only the BEST clients.

I'm Makayla Jade.


You've already taken other online courses that didn't work? 
 It's because they only focus on teaching you what everyone else is doing.  I'll teach you how to innovate and get noticed.

You've already taken other online courses that didn't work? It's because they only focus on teaching you what everyone else is doing.  I'll teach you how to innovate and get noticed.

You can't resist

Take a look at what's inside...

Insider's Look

at the EXACT workflows, and the emails we use to attract and BOOK $10,000+ clients

10 Video Lessons

walking you through every crucial step from initial inquiry + up-sells and cross-sales

Proven Strategies

promotional techniques 
to generating more leads 
and qualified clients

10 lessons to get

 branded & booked

Lesson #1

Business Planning & Building Your Manifesto

Lesson #2

Discovering Your Difference & What To Do With It

Lesson #3

Imagery That Wows

Lesson #4

Websites That Convert

Lesson #5

The 90 Day Marketing Plan

Lesson #6

Secrets To Social Media

Lesson #7

Pricing & Building Offers

Lesson #8

Relationships For Referrals

Lesson #9

What To Do With A Lead

Lesson #10

Client Consults & Closing

Build an

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Bonus Worksheets!


Complete business blueprint


Figure out exactly what you need to charge to build a better life.

Mini Marketing Kit

Website checklist, marketing quick tips & brand evaluation.

($197 value)

($67 value)

($297 value)

Sounds Perfect! I'm in!

The community has been incredibly supportive. Makayla is a veritable unending current of brilliant, incredibly resourceful and helpful experience, expertise, and information. I'm always looking to grow and improve my photography business and the experience I provide my families and know there's always more to learn. Whatever I'm searching for, Makayla has covered. And it's always golden.

I would recommend ANYONE at ANY LEVEL in their business to take EVERY SINGLE CLASS that Makayla offers.


-- Meredith Zinner


Dare to resist.

This course is NOT like other online courses you've taken "promising" to bring you more clients. Before you commit to this class you will need to set your ego aside and be prepared to make big, bold moves in your business. Its not just a minor business improvement, this is a complete TRANSFORMATION

You'll need all the help you can get to make this work, and thats what I'm here for. Skip past the four years it took me to build a wildly profitable business attracting high-end clients and get started today. If you put in the work to implement these lessons I can assure you, your booking rate will SKYROCKET, you'll be EXCITED about the people you're working with and you'll be on your way to a better business and a better life. 

✓ Start attracting high-end clients (multiply your revenue)
✓ Build a workflow that guides clients through an elevated experience
✓ Create collections designed with irresistible offers for mega profit
✓ Become the brand that everyone is talking about & craves to book
✓ Finally have a solid marketing and social media strategy in place
✓ Avoid common client-losing mistakes! 

Over $130,687 in revenue generating, life changing content, all yours.




one time payment

I’m ready to make more money!

Will I have instant results?
NO, this will not happen over night. This is a complete business transformation. You’re not just learning a new lighting technique or purchasing the trendiest presets of the season. Transitioning your business model (or building one from scratch) takes a LOT of work to make it work. This course will provide you with the resources you need to be successful and the support you need when things don't go as perfectly as planned. BUT (big disclaimer!!) this will not work if you don't take the time to actually adopt and implement these techniques into your business. Do the work, and it will certainly pay off. 

What about my current clients? 
You don’t have to wait until next years brides start booking you, or for that next portrait inquiry comes in to start implementing this system. Once we get your systems set up in the first few weeks, we will provide you with a variety of ways to start the conversation with current clients, (and potentially make a big sale!) even if they were originally just a “digital” client.   

What makes this course different?
Unlike other subscription based services, this is an intensive, dive-in deep, action taking, implementing, accountability checking class where no one gets left behind!! We will help you keep on track with the transformation so you can start actually making some real changes to your business (you know, the kind that will impact your LIFE!) 

Will you offer updates?  
Exclusive Insiders that were previously enrolled in the class will have full access to all updates (at no additional charge!) For those who wait for the next launch, the pricing will most likely increase.   

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