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Utilizing Downtime to Generate Sales

March 27, 2019


ShootProof is a great tool to remind clients that they have the opportunity to purchase prints –  ShootProof to basically does the work for us! By using their template and automation services, we can send out a series of emails that make it quick and easy to target multiple couples, their families, and their friends! One way to tempt your clients would be if your lab was having a sale. By offering a sale or promotion, you are likely to secure more income for the month – with little to no work for you!


It never hurts to make sure your sequences are in order. Whatever customer management system you’re using, be it HoneyBook, Dubsado, 17Hats, Táve or what have you, we can almost guarantee you’re not always in there making sure your language still makes sense and is on brand… Maybe it’s the writing that you first drafted when you started and were so eager to get it out in front of your clients that you forgot to go back and make sure it truly made sense. And if so, does it STILL make sense? Is it relevant to your brand? If you find that your sequences are in check, you can utilize the copy that is already here and generate sequences to past clients who maybe never bought printed products from you.


Whether you’re using a carefully thought out email sequence or, posting on your social platforms – create a sense of urgency! It’s easy to announce a sale at the drop of a hat be it a flash sale or a Memorial Day Sale, but what you really want to do is encourage your clients to buy NOW – otherwise, they won’t be in a rush and might forget to do so altogether.

photo by
Artem Bali


In the digital age, it is so easy to connect as long as you’re being authentic. This could be as simple as commenting on some of your clients’ social images. For instance, maybe a past bride of yours just had a baby. There’s no shame in complimenting on their post, congratulating them and delicately reminding them of their awesome experience with you. Maybe they weren’t even considering do a photo shoot of their newborn but now, you’ve opened the door wide open!

photo by
Anete Lūsiņa


Ever heard of creating your own holiday? It’s a thing! Or, maybe you have a studio anniversary coming up! Any reason to celebrate, right? People LOVE a reason to celebrate. Is your slow time the winter season because you’re really busy in the summers Plan an event that aligns with your brand! While planning, think of possible collaborators that could act as contributors to this new and fun event you’re hosting. It’s so much easier when you have people working alongside of you in different industries. It provides for learning opportunities from both parties and then, you can intermix your clients which will help to generate buzz.

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